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Updated: Monday, July 23, 2018

Mother-In-Law Suite Requires Planning
Written By: Benny L. Kass

Question: We have lived in our house for almost 20 years, and are considering selling our large home to our son and his wife. We would add approximately 1,000 square feet to the home, and move into that portion of the house. Our children are amenable.We would finance the construction because the equity in our present home would be more than enou...

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HOA Pencil Sharpening: Crunching The Numbers
Written By: Richard Thompson

Now is the time when most homeowner associations count last years costs and crunch next years numbers hoping to squeeze blood out of a turnip. Often its so dry, there isnt even any turnip juice left much less any O positive. But crunch you must. Here are some of the ways to make the cash flow more freely.Adjust by Inflation. This is a no brainer...

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Can You Use Bonus Income to Help Qualify for a Home Loan?
Written By: David Reed

Yes, you can. But the bonus income needs to follow a few rules, first. Employees get paid in different ways. The most common is a regular paycheck on the 1st and the 15th of each month or maybe every other week. One of the primary responsibilities of a mortgage lender when evaluating a loan application is to make the determination the borrowers ...

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6 Donts When Buying Your First Home
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

These are exciting times. Youve finally outgrown apartment life or living with your parents or sharing a place with waaaaayyyyy too many roommates, and youre ready to take the leap to homeownership. Now its time to prepare. As you embark on this journey, beware of six important donts that could potentially derail your purchase.Dont think its too...

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Industry Icons Saul Klein and John Reilly Join Realty Times as Executive Editors
Written By: Realty Times Staff

June 28, 2018 Las Vegas, NV ndash;nbsp; Realty Times is pleased to announce the addition of two of the most prominent industry professionals as Executive Editors. They bring over 80 years of combined real estate expertise and knowledge, engaging and influencing all functions of real estate; as a managing broker, MLS/Associations board member, li...

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Real Estate Experts and Lawyers Working Together: A Partnership for Growth
Written By: Lewis Fein

As residential towers and commercial buildings rise toward the heavens, as they pierce the clouds and refract the light from sheets of glass unto frozen crystals, creating a rainbow so many stories above the ground but below the stars, construction accelerates. It accelerates in cities large and small, increasing the need for real estate develop...

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5 Tips for Staging Your Home
Written By: Realty Times Staff

If yoursquo;re in a tough sellerrsquo;s market or just looking to get top dollar for your home, you want to do any little thing you can to make your house stand out in a potential buyerrsquo;s mind. Staging is one of those things that can make the difference between a sold sign and a house that lingers on the market.The National Association of R...

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The Art of Mastering Social Media in Real Estate
Written By: Realty Times Staff

The Internet is an ever-changing world that we, as business people, must always stay on top of in order to stay ahead of the competition. One of the most prominent and useful areas of the Internet for businesses to utilize, especially in real estate, is the mastering of social media. Whether you are a new agent just starting your career, or a te...

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Millennials Become Landlords To Break Into The Housing Market
Written By: Jim Adair

Getting into the housing market is tough in many Canadian cities. A new CIBC poll says that many Canadian millennials are becoming landlords to help them purchase homes, and their investments are paying off for them."High housing costs and the growing appetite for additional revenue streams make renting out space a popular choice, especially amo...

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The Most Important Customers Of A Brokerage May Be Its Agents
Written By: Bob Hunt

The >But others come to mind as well. State laws require brokers to exercise varying degrees of control over their agents. Simply put, the broker is responsible for seeing to it that the agent acts within the law and does things the right way. Most brokerages develop substantial sets of rules and procedures to ensure that their agents act proper...

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Want To Buy And Renovate A Property Overseas? 9 Things To Consider
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

If youve ever seen a movie like Under the Tuscan Sun, youve undoubtedly had your own Italian farmhouse renovation fantasy. But how real is it to think about buying property in a place that requires changing currency and a long plane ride?"Buying and restoring a fixer-upper in another country...It can be an appealing idea," said Huffington Post. ...

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Seven DIY Bedroom Updates For A Chic Sleeping Space
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Even though its the place we spend hours in, >You dont have to be afraid of tackling this important space; little changes can make a big difference, and many can be made this weekend without outside help. Shake out those muscles and get ready to make that bedroom beautifulUse wallpaper in new waysCreate an urban chic look with a feature wall of ...

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The Inside Workings of Credit Scores
Written By: David Reed

Consumers are encouraged to check their credit reports once per year. The primary reason for doing so is to make sure there arent any mistakes. Unfortunately, credit reports are prone to contain mistakes. Its not really the fault of the three main credit repositories, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion because all three are just a database. Whatev...

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How To Channel Your Personality To Create The Perfect Home For You
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Youre not boring, and your home shouldnt be either. But, you can obey all the design rules and end up with a place that looks like it came right out of a magazine but still lacks a little spark. Heres how to inject a little "you" into it.ArtYou dont have to have a house full of bold florals or abstract pieces just because thats whats "in" right ...

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How To Improve The Accessibility Of Your Outdoor Living Area
Written By: Jean Cherry RN, MBA

Your outdoor living area can be a source of enjoyment when youre >Here are a few tips to make your outdoor living area easier for everyone to enjoy.1.Install ramps.For people with mobility problems, even one or two steps can be difficult to navigate. A gradual sloping walkway or a ramp in place of steps can provide better access to an outdoor li...

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Ask the HOA Expert: Special Assessments
Written By: Richard Thompson

Question: Our pool and clubhouse are 15 years old. The board wants to build a larger pool and upgrade the clubhouse which would require a 200,000 special assessment and drain our reserves.Answer: The board has no authority to expand the common area amenities. Its authority is to maintain existing amenities in good condition. However, if an appro...

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Broker with Heart: Brokers Making a Difference
Written By: Realty Times Staff

PinRaise, Inc., creators of the Agent with Hearttrade; program, have developed a new branch of their program to welcome brokerages to their community through their latest initiative, Broker with Hearttrade;.Realty Times sat down with PinRaise, Inc. Chief Communications Officer Celeste Orsquo;Hara to discuss this new program and the many ways it ...

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Emerging Trends Threaten Housing
Written By: Blanche Evans

Household growth has increased over the last three years, millennials are stepping up, and home prices have recovered from recession lows. So what is there to worry about? Not much on the surface, but there are some emerging trends that suggest good times wont continue for much longer in the housing market.Rising housing costsAccording to the la...

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Updated: Monday, July 23, 2018

5 Tips for Staging Your Home...
If yoursquo;re in a tough sellerrsquo;s market or just looking to get top dollar for your ho...

Real Estate Experts and Lawyer...
As residential towers and commercial buildings rise toward the heavens, as they pierce the c...

Industry Icons Saul Klein and ...
June 28, 2018 Las Vegas, NV ndash;nbsp; Realty Times is pleased to announce...

6 Donts When Buying Your First...
These are exciting times. Youve finally outgrown apartment life or living with your parents ...

Can You Use Bonus Income to He...
Yes, you can. But the bonus income needs to follow a few rules, first. Employees get paid in...

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