Which is Best: Freezer on the Side, Top, or Bottom?

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Which is Best: Freezer on the Side, Top, or Bottom?

Written By: Blanche Evans
Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Most homes dont come with a refrigerator-freezer, so that may be the first item you purchase for delivery after buying your home. But where do you start?

Measure carefully and take the dimensions with you when you shop for a unit. With about a half-inch of clearance on either side, youll know if its worth it to you to do some remodeling. What you dont want is a unit that sticks out far beyond the cabinetry, or encroaches on the doorway. The refrigerator should look organic to the kitchen. Here are three types of refrigerator freezers to consider.

1. French door, bottom freezer. The elegant French door >

Overall, cubit foot storage capacity is slightly less than other models, but the convenience of the short door swings and wider shallower storage shelves make this >

2. Side-by-side refrigerator/freezers. The side-by-sides are still popular but they tend to be deeper so its easy to lose sight of items and forget theyre there. But, they have some advantages over other models -- theyre less expensive than the French door models, and they offer nearly equal freezer capacity to the refrigerator side. This can work for users who cook more frozen dinners than fresh foods.

Side-by-sides are also convenient for users who dont want to do a lot of bending over to find items. Many models will offer pull out shelves, but usually not all the shelves pull out, except in more expensive models. From a kitchen design standpoint, side-by-sides have less of a door swing radius than other models, and can easily fit in spaces that other refrigerators cant.

3. Freezer on top. Remember how often you used to have fill up plastic ice trays? The freezer on top >

Features such as ice/water dispensers on the door are not usually found on freezer on top units, which is one reason they rate so high in >

If youre trying to fit a small space in an older home, small home or apartment, the freezer-top >

Visit your local appliance dealer and practice opening the doors of display refrigerators. Bend down and pretend to take foods out of the bottom drawers. Youll quickly learn which configuration is right for you and your budget.

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